School aged activities

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Learning Zone Learn at your leisure with BBC Learning Zone. Play KS1 Bitesize games with Max and Molly or revise English, Maths and Science on KS2 Bitesize. Audio resources to support teaching across a wide range of primary curriculum areas. You and your little poet will love making this minibook that is inspired by rhyming sheep.

Find free Reading, Writing, Math, and Science printables for kids here. Sneak in some learning with your meals! Make reading part of your child’s life. Try these crafty ideas for those long holiday vacation days. Celebrate the luck of the Irish while making this kissable craft! Help your kids create a special place for all of their library treasures with this fun DIY craft. Looking for some high-tech activities for your child?

A blizzard of playful activities that you and your child can do outdoors and in. Our lovely Valentine’s crafts will charm your children and fill your home with sweetness. Put together the pieces to create a Valentine’s message. Get kids learning with these fun, themed activities! Nutritious breakfast and snack recipes—with food activities for kids! Reinforce your child’s time telling skills with this award-winning mobile app!

Get expert advice on reading, homework help, learning activities, and more. Anselm’s sits on the crest of a hill in the heart of the Peak District – a beacon of excellence in all it does. All parents seek an environment where their children can remain children for as long as possible. Through everything we do this ethos remains steadfast. Local authors often will appear free, or for the cost of transportation. Check with other venues to see about coordinating a visit and share fees. Many authors will also agree to participate in a Skype session for a minimal fee.

Share their books, mail or upload letters and artwork. Participating teams read a list of several books, train to remember the story details and then battle it out against other teams. Discuss a great horse book and complement it with fun horse-related activities. Bring horse equipment in for a demonstration. Look at different feed, include a horse craft and horse snack. Use book cover art or book titles to make Bingo cards.

Booktalk the books and then play for small prizes. Have a birthday party with Seuss stories, crafts, activities and end the fun with cake and signing a giant card. Be sure to check out the website  at www. Pick several versions of Cinderella to read to a group of kids. Prepare a simple craft and play a game – Pass the Glass Slipper.

Once a year, choose a book for both adults and kids to read. It will make for a memorable program and discussion. Serve mini bags of chips like Dad likes to stow away and eat. Kids love the Rainbow Magic series, so why not let them put on their own wings and come to a book-themed party. Each child can create their own fairy persona and participate in fairy-themed crafts and games. Maybe even try building a fairy house for the garden. Read birthday books have birthday cake and play Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

If your state or district does not have their own Kids’ Choice Book Awards then start your own! Librarians in schools and public libraries can choose ten books for kids to read during the year. Help promote by hosting book discussions and other activities. Have a party or celebration in which kids can vote on their top choice. If enough kids participate you may even be able to host a Battle of the Books. This can be a 3-hr event or a part of a sleepover event in the library  Mystery stories for re-enactment are available online, or in books. Starting at the beginning of November librarians book talk 7-10 of the best new titles for the publication year to a group of readers, who will rate and discuss books at meetings culminating in a Mock Newbery Award party the week before the actual award is announced.

Use the -Ology series of books to create a workshop series. Egypt-themed events, wizardry fun and ocean amazements. Children can communicate via email, private blog, or if available Skype. Book pairings can be worked out between children off of a pre-determined list based on the locations’ collections. Children attend with an adult caregiver.

Book talk new and excellent picture books and browseable non-fiction. If time permits hand out books with a couple of sticky notes for children to browse and share interesting finds. Craft might include building a snowman out of paper. Kids dress as character and enjoy all things Star Wars. Bring books to share with children sharing the written language as well.