School box lunches

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It has a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine on the lid. The rice has some spice sprinkled on the top of it. Soccer is very popular among Japanese kids. Side dishes include fried shrimp, a mini-hamburger steak with ketchup, boiled asparagus, potato salad, green soybeans, fried potatoes, cherries, and other foods. There are even boiled quail eggs made to look like the face of a bird. The rice ball may be enhanced with any of a variety of ingredients, which are tucked inside the ball. Japanese food that can be thought of as the staple and main dish put together.

Three of the rice balls are made with white rice wrapped in dried seaweed. The name of this bento reflects its origins as a box lunch eaten during intermission at the theater. Traditionally, it was served in a set of tiered lacquered boxes and shared among several people. The top layers of boxes contained side dishes, and the bottom layer was packed with cylindrical rice balls.

Now sold at bento shops and train stations as an individual box lunch, the makunouchi bento is one of the most popular types of bento. The bento in the picture is a makunouchi bento sold in a department store. The rice is shaped in cylinders and is sprinkled with black sesame seeds. A pickled apricot rests on top. The side dishes include foods from both the ocean and the mountains, such as boiled shrimp, grilled fish, sweet potatoes, balls of cooked chicken, and burdock. Kamameshi is rice cooked with fish and vegetables in a small pot.