School computer game

Playbook is waiting for an update that should greatly improve performance and fix a couple of bugs. Pad is waiting for a minor bug fix to be approved. School computer game should fix the game being the wrong rotation if the game is started while held landscape.

Instead I intend to focus more on making games, and less of running websites. If your looking to play my games I’ll be posting specific links to them where you can play them on other websites. Terry Paton’ in on the device Appworld, but I’ll also list them here. Another game has been approved by Apple today and like my other game POGZ, for a limited time it’s going to be FREE! POGZ’ in Apples itunes store and for a limited time, its FREE! It’s been a neat platform to develop for, and really easy. Adobe’s Flash Builder and Flash Professional to make all these games.

Check out my list of game here in the Google Android Market. 100 level game as free to play online. Or, check out one of our absolutely fave pages here for bongs and dabbing rigs. I’ll add to this list as I come across great games I’d like to share. Awesome old school feel, challenging gameplay. Please forward this error screen to 184.

Meet the ALL-USA Preseason Boys Track and Field Jumpers! NBC Sports Chicago is still available for households and devices that have NBC Sports Chicago programming through satellite television or their local cable provider. Watch the championships online with live streaming. Listen to audio  from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. North Star Academy students love it!

Typing Adventure has all the features I need to teach keyboarding to my students. A thrill ride for my students! The most entertaining way to learn typing I have seen. There is so much variety and challenge that my students never get bored.