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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not school electronic projects for kids robot. The Winnenden school shooting occurred on the morning of 11 March 2009 at a secondary school in Winnenden, Baden-Württemberg, in southwestern Germany, followed by a shootout at a car dealership in nearby Wendlingen. After receiving an emergency call from a student at 09:33 local time, three police officers reached the scene two minutes later and entered the school, interrupting the shooting spree.

Kretschmer shot at them and fled the building, killing two female teachers in the hall as he departed. At approximately 10:00, the gunman carjacked a Volkswagen Sharan minivan at a car park in Winnenden. Igor Wolf later reported that, when asked why he was doing this, the gunman replied, “For fun, because it is fun. Aus Spaß, weil es Spaß macht. According to Wolf, the gunman revealed his intentions as he was loading his pistol magazines during the ride: “Do you think we will find another school? Meinst du, wir finden noch eine andere Schule? Shortly after 12:00, just before the Wendlinger junction to the A8 autobahn, the hostage steered the car onto the grass verge and jumped from the vehicle toward a police patrol car.

The gunman immediately left the car and ran towards the nearby industrial area, entering a Volkswagen car showroom through the main entrance. He threatened a salesperson and demanded a key for one of the vehicles. The salesperson escaped while the gunman was distracted. The gunman shot and killed another salesperson and a customer, firing 13 bullets into both people. The gunman returned to the car showroom, firing 12 shots from within the building at police from nearby Nürtingen, who were gradually surrounding the building.