School kids toys

The Play School Toys In 1999, I received an e-mail for the Claim To Fame page from Kate Broome. Kate claim’s she has the original Humpty Dumpty, star of Play School. Fair enough I thought and I posted the claim. However, Jacqueline Marston also saw the toys on her visit but decided to school kids toys a little deeper.

I sent the museum a mail, and have made a member of the museum crew, called Angela, very distressed. She has passed it to the Head of Visitor Services, and also hopes they will get to the bottom of it soon. As for the Play School toys, I am not aware of the website you mention, perhaps you could let me have the address so that I can check it out. As the Playschool Toys “adopted father” I can confirm that they are the real ones! In fact Humpty and Jemima were a little put out when I told them your news. Before Playschool finally ended, to be replaced initially by “Playbus”, we were asked whether we would like to provide a retirement home for the toys.