School lunch ideas

Tis’ the season for back to school and lunch packing! You’ll have lunch ideas for days with this list! Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. To learn more school lunch ideas ’em, click here.

Your kids are going to LOVE you even more than they already do when they open up their lunchbox and find these awesome surprises! Although these school lunches may seem over-the-top, don’t worry! Most of them are SUPER easy to make! We know you are going to LOVE these lunch ideas for kids, so here is a quick tip: Pin this baby right now! Life gets crazy and you will want to save these awesome school lunch ideas for future reference!

Are you ready for some school lunch ideas that are going to rock your world? PLUS make sure they have an awesome packed lunch. That is why we are here! We want to make your life a little simpler with these quick and easy school lunches! Save yourself a few minutes in the morning with these handy lunch ideas that will take you hardly any time to prepare! Amp up the traditional turkey and cheese sandwich by putting it on a dinner roll!

Make your own DIY Lunchables in a snap! Throw some cheese, crackers, and lunch meat in your kids lunchbox for a fun surprise! TIP: Use silicone liners to make your lunchbox packing a little easier! At the beginning of the week, hard boil a carton of eggs.

Don’t forget to add some delicious salsa and hummus! Here is another genius, easy, school lunch idea! Quickly pack up your own version of a Pizza Lunchable with a bagel, pizza sauce, pepperonis, and grated cheese! You can easily throw together this fun lunch idea in the morning! Add a bendable straw to a sub sandwich for a fun lunchbox surprise! It doesn’t get much easier than these lunchbox wraps! Not only are they fast to prepare, but also healthy!