School preparation Krasnoyarsk for children

Join the 2018 World Cup Volunteer Programme! He or she is school preparation Krasnoyarsk for children cheerful, dynamic person, living a healthy lifestyle, proficient in foreign languages, and with a wide range of professional skills.

Russia is now gearing up to host its first-ever football World Cup, which is impossible to organize without the help of volunteers. To take part in the World Cup as a volunteer means to be part of a global highlight, to get a chance to represent Russia and tell the world about it. Whether our World Cup is a success, to a great extent, depends on the volunteers. What kind of person should be a World Cup 2018 volunteer? Registration will be open to everyone, regardless of the gender, ethnic background and physical ability. 18 years old by the 10th of May 2018. Those who successfully pass will be enrolled in the training programme.

The main objective of training, organized at each of the 15 World Cup volunteer centres, is to assist future volunteers in developing necessary skills. Participants will also learn about the specifics of the chosen functional area and engage in venue training at the World Cup facilities. Two biggest football events will require thousands of volunteers. Choose your functional area There will be 20 key functional areas. Specify your preference in the application form. Don’t worry if you cannot make a choice at this time, you can make it during selection process.

The volunteers at the stadiums will manage the visitor flows, promoting a festive mood among the guests, providing them with any information they need, and directing spectators to their seats at the stadiums. The volunteers will be assisting with the implementation of the sponsors’ marketing programmes and guest catering service projects at the stadiums. They will help to decorate the key venues of the World Cup and Confederations Cup, and assist with navigation around the venues. The volunteers will assist in sustaining the smooth operation of the food and beverage concessions, and will make sure the full menu of food and beverages is available at all times and the dining areas are prepared. The volunteers will be welcoming the guests at the airports, railway stations, bus terminals and other transit facilities. Volunteers will assist with VIP guests hospitality at the stadiums, as well as working at the Welcome desks at official FIFA hotels. The volunteers will assist in organizing the TV coverage of the games, and take part in the day-to-day work of the Russian and international broadcasters at the International Broadcasting Centre in Moscow and the stadiums across Russia.