School uniforms pictures children

Students school uniforms pictures children have to take exams in order to enter high schools and universities. Japanese children enter the first grade of elementary school in the April after their sixth birthday.

There are around 30 to 40 students in a typical elementary school class. More and more elementary schools have started teaching English, too. Haiku is a form of poetry developed in Japan about 400 years ago. A haiku is a short verse of 17 syllables, divided into units of five, seven, and five syllables.

Elementary school children on an excursion to the Lake Biwa Canal. In Japanese elementary schools, classes are divided into small teams for many activities. For example, as part of their education, every day the students clean the classrooms, halls, and yards of their school in these teams. In many elementary schools, the students eat lunch together in their classrooms, enjoying meals prepared by the school or by a local “school lunch center.

Small teams of students take turns to serve lunch to their classmates. There are many school events during the year, such as sports day when students compete in events like tug-of-war and relay races, excursions to historical sites, and arts and culture festivals featuring dancing and other performances by children. Students in the highest grades of elementary, middle, and high schools also take trips lasting up to several days to culturally important cities like Kyoto and Nara, ski resorts, or other places. Most middle and high schools require students to wear uniforms.

Boys generally wear pants and jackets with stand-up collars, and girls wear two-piece suit with sailor collar or blazers and skirts. Almost all middle school students take part in an extracurricular club activity of their choice, such as a sports team, a musical or arts group, or a science club. Baseball clubs are very popular among boys. Judo clubs, where kids train in this traditional martial art, attract boys and girls. They may be inspired by the many great Japanese judo athletes, both male and female, who have won medals at the World Judo Championships and the Olympic Games.

Other popular sports clubs include tennis, basketball, gymnastics, and volleyball. Other options for students include choir and art clubs. Brass band, tea ceremony, and flower arrangement clubs are also popular. The aim is to capture the biggest area. What kinds of homework do the students do, and how long do they study each day?