Sensory development of children through educational games

Play is an effective method of teaching. Playing with toys helps them develop their sensory-sensory development of children through educational games skills, language skills, social interaction and problem-solving skills.

As children with ASD may find some forms of play difficult, we have selected toys that are simple yet enable interaction. The toys allow the children to engage their sense of touch, hearing, and vision. Here are a few toys from that category. Children with autism specter disorder tend to look at lights or moving dots or objects to stay focused.

This desk toy helps the child calm down and focus on one thing. Features: The Adorox Liquid Bubble Drop Motion Wheel is a small calm-down bubbler that fits in your child’s hand. The colored liquid moves from top to bottom, although a little faster than you’d like it. Once all the liquid comes to the bottom, turn it upside down and get started again!

The desk toy comes in three color options and is made of heat-resistant plastic. The toy is safe for kids and can be carried in a bag or pocket with ease. Buy the Adorox Liquid Bubble Drop Motion Wheel desk toy here. When the child is stressed and does not have a parent or teacher to calm him down, a fidget toy might come in handy.

The ATiC 12-sided fidget cube can help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and relax children with ADHD and autism. This toy is a must-have when your child goes out on long drives or outings and needs something to keep them occupied and relaxed. The toy is made of high quality, non-toxic polycarbonate and is safe for the kids to use. Buy the ATiC Fidget Twiddle Cube here. Using oral sensory toys such as the Chubuddy pendants provide the necessary oral stimulation that children with oral sensory issues need. Features: The Chubuddy pendants are fashionable and made of a high-quality material that’s free from lead, latex, plastic compounds and other non-toxic materials.