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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-107180222. Please forward this error screen to 104. Pat’s Saint Patrick School is a vibrant center of academics, spiritual, moral and social development, fostering the God-given gifts and potential of every student. Enews Signup Small School – BIG News. The “Shamrock” is our weekly newsletter dedicated to keeping our parents, students and community members informed on all things related to our school. Technology Integration Old School – New Tools. Dedicated to putting the best tools and resources in the hands of our 21st century learners.

See what Saint Pat’s and the new Bea Byrne Learning Center have to offer. Patrick engages in providing moral and character development that cannot be found in today’s modern public institutions. We highly encourage anyone to experience it. Patrick is clearly the best money spent. Spring Fairies” 10-15 minute play for children 4-6 years old – Spring Fairies. 5-7 years old –  Autumn Fairies.

Buy all seasons scripts for this age group with a discount:  Science assembly scripts. The children love dressing up as the different animals and performing this play. The language and roles of this play have been specially written for emergent readers. This 10-minute play script is also suitable for ESL learners.

A big bad wolf meets Little Red Riding Hood in the forest on her way to visit her sick granny. Wolfie plans to devour Granny for lunch, but he really should listen to the woodland creatures who are trying to warn him. Short easy play with a moral. Original fable play about Miguel, a lazy little foolish monkey, who lives deep in the jungle. In this parody of the successful 1980s movie, the audience is taken back to the past to visit Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Wilhelm Röntgen, the Wright brothers and John Logie Baird. Short play script with a moral theme. Short play script for kids for Chinese New Year.

Read more about the Lucky Panda play script and order  Chinese stories plays. Other play scripts with Chinese theme available. Mahatma Gandhi – read more about the script. Very funny and moral play suitable for anyone! Saint George and the dragon with VERY funny creative ideas including an unusual beauty contest.

How not to get a girfriend. Romantic parody with the theme of new beginnings and listening to the advice of elders. 20 minute Bollywood style comedy play for children 10-13 years old. Also suitable for personal and social education. Buy Bollywood High School: ‘Please Keep Off the Grass! An amusing adventure version of the classic Greek myth Theseus and the Minotaur.