Shapes for preschool kids

During shapes week I specifically focused on the following 4 shapes – circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. It was lots of fun and I wish I gotten some pictures I could share, but alas I didn’shapes for preschool kids. This was always a hit and everyone was excited to “spy” objects that were circles, squares, rectangles or triangles.

I searched high and low for anything I could get my hands on that would make a shape print. We discussed each shape and compared how they were different – number of sides and length. I kept things basic by teaching the children that a circle has 0 sides, a triangle has 3 sides, a square has 4 equal sides and a rectangle has 4 sides – 2 short and 2 longer. I didn’t get photos of the yarn shapes but we used yarn to make all four shapes.

2 long pieces to form rectangles. It was a great way for little hands to build shapes. I offered the children cotton swabs to make triangles and rectangles. This was great practice in both cutting and making shapes. Sorry about the unclear photos from my phone. I didn’t have my camera with me on this particular day.