Shevchenko preparing children for school

Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. A chronology of events surrounding the Shevchenko preparing children for school nuclear disaster. Construction of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Discussions take place in Kiev about the type of nuclear plant to be built at Chernobyl. Filling of the cooling water reservoir for the Chernobyl Power Plant begins. The first of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plants four reactors is ready to operate followed by number 2 in 1978. According to data held by the KGB, design deviations and violations of construction and assembly are occurring in the construction of the 2nd generating unit. Pripyat officially proclaimed as a city. The Chernobyl Atomic Power Station reaches its first 10 billion kilowatt-hours of electical output. A partial core meltdown occurs in reactor No.

The extent of the accident was not made public until 1985. The reactor was repaired and put back into operation within months. The construction of Unit 4 at Chernobyl is completed and the plant becomes operational on the 20th. This news was reported by the media on 22 December, a festive day for workers in the energy industry. In the Soviet Union it was customary for all sections of public employment to have their own special day, when they receive public acclaim for their work and are given extra bonuses.

The Minister of Energy, Anatoly Mayorets, decrees that information on any adverse effects caused by the functioning of the energy industry on employees, inhabitants and the environment, were not suitable for publication by newspapers, radio or television. The odds of a meltdown are one in 10,000 years. The plants have safe and reliable controls that are protected from any breakdown with three safety systems. The reactor was running at full power with normal operation. Steam power was directed to both turbines of the power generators.

Slowly the operators began to reduce power for the test. The purpose of the test was to observe the dynamics of the RMBK reactor with limited power flow. Emergency core cooling system switched off. Aleksandr Akimov, the unit shift chief in charge of the test takes over from Tregub, who stays on-site.