Simple educational games

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However, there are some excellent dice games for kids that use only a pair of dice and a piece of paper for score keeping. Dice games are versatile as they can be played with any number of players, on the floor or table, or in the car, and with people of any age. Dice games teach numbers and counting to little kids and mentally adding numbers to older kids. Dice games introduce kids to strategic thinking and planning. Dice games teach social skills such as taking turns and winning and losing gracefully. Dice games are portable as you can always find room for a few dice in the glove box of your car, a handbag, pocket, or backpack.

Dice are inexpensive because dice are cheap and readily available in old table games and in discount and thrift stores. Our collection of dice games for kids includes information about skills developed, just in case you need this information. However, remember that dice games are not usually played to educate, but to have fun! Before we show you our collection of dice games for kids, we suggest you read the following tips for ways to utilize your dice, store them, and have some control over the games kids play. Collect small containers, such as empty spice bottles and pill bottles, and any small plastic food containers with lids for storing dice. Use plastic cups and coffee mugs to shake and throw dice. Use a piece of felt to cover the playing surface to decrease the noise level during dice games.

Create individual dice games for traveling or a classroom by placing dice and directions in re-sealable plastic bags or small, lidded containers. For all of our dice games for kids, you will need pencil and paper for keeping score, a shaker for the dice, and a flat surface. As soon as a child can recognize their written numbers, they can play this game. Object of the game: To avoid throwing certain scores and being knocked out of the game. More than one player can choose the same number. Players take turns throwing both dice, once each turn.