Simple preschool activities

Please forward this error screen to simple preschool activities. This activity will help children to recognize and trace their first name. This is a very important First Step for children.

It is an opportunity for children to know that their name is special, it promotes a healthy self esteem and independence. The theme “My name is Special” is a great way to motivate children to practice recognizing and tracing their name. Tracing their name is also a good First Step to handwriting. Here are some ideas and suggestions to set up the activity:   1. Children like to know the meaning of their names, or why they were given that name.

If you know or can obtain information about the meaning of the child’s name, that is an interesting way to start the activity. Bible and then proceed to tell them or read an interesting story, such as David and Goliath or the story of Esther. You can also find a historical figure that has the same first name that you feel would be a good role model, such as Martin for Martin Luther King, Jr. Amelia for Amelia Earhart, for example. You can include a simple biographical book such as any of the picture book collection by  David A.

Adler available at your local library. A picture book can also be a great way to help children appreciate and respect everyone name. Kevin Henke’s Chrysanthemum is a wonderful book to address this issue. Print name for child in the first row.

Make a slow demonstration for each letter. Have them trace over your printed example. Tip:  To use the tracer page many times simply insert on a transparent page protector or laminate. Make sure to close with some tape to avoid danger of suffocation.

Making this tasty treat is fun, delicious, and a great way for your child to explore measurement. This classic family game is the perfect way to pass the time on road trips while recognizing mathematical attributes. Road trips are filled with lots of interesting things to spot. Use this activity to help your child keep track! Follow these easy steps to make your own finger paint. Then join your youngster as you practice painting numbers and shapes. Use this Weekly Planner to help your child prepare for the days ahead and keep track of weekly schedules.

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