Single alphabets

The ASCII Phonetic Alphabet by Tomasz Single alphabets. The International Phonetic Alphabet is the most popular system for writing phonetic transcriptions of English words.

It is used in most of the major dictionaries, coursebooks, even on Wikipedia. Not all fonts include IPA symbols. If you want to type IPA-based transcriptions, you need to use a font which supports the IPA. Fortunately, all modern operating systems have at least one font with IPA symbols. Keyboards don’t have keys for IPA symbols. I am the author of both solutions. IPA-based transcriptions efficiently on a PC.

But you can also avoid them altogether. By using an alternative transcription system which uses symbols available on a normal keyboard. Michal Ryszard Wojcik and I created such a system in the 1990s. We called it the ASCII Phonetic Alphabet, because the basic set of letters and symbols supported by computers is called ASCII characters. Here is a table with all the symbols of the ASCII Phonetic Alphabet.