Soft house toy for kids

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Going on long car rides with kids can be exhausting. This list of car games for kids has tons of ideas, tips and inspiration to keep your kids busy while in the car, on a plane, or even in a waiting room. DIY Car Games for Kids – This list has tons of ideas, tips and inspiration to keep your kids busy and quiet in the car or on a plane. DIY Car Games for Kids These activities use common household items or toys that you probably already have on hand, so you can easily create some awesome projects with little or no cost. Magnet Activities Magnet activities are fantastic!

So there is less likelihood of pieces flying all over the car when you hit a pot hole. Less mess makes this momma happy! Old baking sheets, container tins and your kid’s alphabet magnets are great supplies if you want to throw together a quick DIY magnet activity. Felt Activities I have a soft spot in my heart for felt. I have visions of creating lovely felt toys, hair accessories, games, and books for my kids. I even have a whole Pinterest board devoted to felt projects, just calling my name! You can make toys, scenic boards, puzzles and games for your long road trips.

I the only one that thinks that? But I think I’m going to start! They are small, and, well, anything small tends to be cute. So think small X’s and O’s, small Lego kits, small doll beds, the options are endless!

Fabric You don’t need to be an expert at sewing to make some amazing travel activities from fabric. Popsicle Sticks Popsicle sticks are available at the dollar store, and there are tons of easy activities you can do with them. And what’s best is that since they are so cheap, you won’t mind if some of the sticks get lost before you make it home from your road trip. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the satisfaction of matching up all those clothespins! Number and Counting Activities Let your child practice their math skills with these fun number and counting activities. They require simple materials and very little effort, but if your child enjoys learning, these will keep them busy and improve their counting and math skills. Fine Motor Activities If your kids like to work with their hands and fingers these activities will be great!

My girls LOVE crafts, so these would be winners in our house. With any luck, you’ll be amazed by how quiet and in-the-zone they’ll be once they start one of these. I’ve never really thought of any creative ways to use them. But there are lots of fun matching activities that will use up some of those stickers and keep your kids entertained.

The older kids will be happy matching, and the younger ones will be happy just sticking them to something. Doesn’t matter much to me as long as they are being quiet! Activity Kits If you put together an activity kit in a small re-usable container, your kids will be thrilled at both the activity AND the surprise of opening it up to see what’s inside. Try re-packaging some of your kids favourite toys, crayons or small objects that they love to play with in a lunch bin, plastic container or sandwich box. Or you could put a sampler of your kid’s favorite toys in a recycled travel case, purse or wallet. Then your child can pick and choose their favourite sheets and work through the binder as you make your way along the road trip. Some moderate crafting skills and time are required for these!