Songs in German for kids class 2

What I Do Seeking the future of world language learning at the intersection of comprehensible input, project-based learning, global education, and love. Top 20 Songs for Spanish Class I just posted about some great newish songs I’ve found, but the majority of songs I use in my classroom are tried-and-true successes from the last 12 years of teaching. The songs in German for kids class 2 is, most new music that comes out, however engaging it might be, is not comprehensible and does not repeat enough to be useful for acquisition.

With this tune in 2007, the first time I ever saw the Latin Grammys, Juan Luis Guerra won Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Merengue Album, and Best Tropical Song- a stunning sweep by any measure. For novices, use the combination of soy de and ella es de to work on talking about origins. Marc Anthony put out what may be the best novice authentic song of all. See how I developed a week or more of lesson plans from it. Fonseca is easily one of my favorite artists.

I love his Colombian sound, I usually love the message of his songs, and his videos are often fun. Speaking of Sie7e, this song is another one that wins top honors for novices. The uses of tengo are great for language, and the positive message can’t be beat. It’s also a perfect song to showcase the proficiency-pusher vale.

And she dumps her boyfriend out of a hot-air balloon. Claudia Brant is a fantastic songwriter and the times she’s teamed up with Luis Fonsi have been some of her most successful. Tercer Cielo is a hit among my students with their music about facing life and death with optimism and hope. Creeré is a gem of future tense that sticks in their heads the whole year. Lots of Jesse y Joy on our list! Tons of present tense, with Superman.