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We no longer southland footlocker any type of a layaway plan. We used to allow our general managers to have the ability to give customers the option to do layaway, but it is no longer taught or trained to anyone. So you’re more than free to ask for layaway, but not a single one of our employees will know how to do it, and more than likely the manager on duty will not allow it.

Instead, he writes, Best Buy is promoting its credit card. September 2010 update: You can visit the Best Buy website to see, by state, which locations offer layaway. Customer Service and put 25 percent down, plus a 5 percent layaway fee. They give you a Best Buy Layaway Card, and payments will be applied toward that. It’s taken awhile for Best Buy locations and representatives to get on the same page regarding its layaway programs and policies.

At couple of years ago, only a few locations of the electronics retailer offered layaway. Back then, the terms were 90 days with payments every two weeks and buyers put 20 percent down. Best Buy corporation message board that stores in Michigan are among the pilot program. I guess we will see how it works out, and hope it is rolled out to the entire company! At this present time, we do not have any layaway programs rolled out formally in our stores. The one foreseeable concern I have would be an issue with how rapidly technology advances.

A computer that is top of the line today, may be out of date in just a few months. Clearly, layaway is a concept that retailers are still not on the same page about, even within their own company. As of September 2010, these are the locations Best Buy lists as accepting layaway. Visit the Best Buy website to double-check addresses and policies. Why don’t you do layaway in Oklahoma? Yeah, I would like to know the same thing.

Why don’t you offer layaway in Oklahoma? Plenty of stores are coming back with layaway. Just because we can’t afford to buy it outright now and don’t want to put it on a credit card, or have a few different items we want to buy, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have it. If one store is going to have it then they all should. You need to reconsider your thinking on this and allow it in Oklahoma. I won’t shop there anymore if necessary. Why don’t you do layaway in Wisconsin?