Speech therapy lessons for children video

Copyright 2000 – 2017 Fox Television Stations, LLC. Everything you wanted to know about your child’s speech and languagefrom the perspective of a pediatric speech-language therapist. In Speech Sounds and Kids: Part 1, I told you all speech sound development in children. There is yet speech therapy lessons for children video way that speech sound development can be relatively predictable.

As I discussed in Speech Sounds and Kids: Part 1, most children will find the following sounds pretty easy to say: vowels, p, m, h, n, w, b, t, d. Children generally go from not producing these sounds at all to, well, producing them. There is no real development of these sounds, per se. They’re just suddenly there one day. But what about the other sounds? The one that are harder, like k, g, f, v, “ng” y,  r, l, s, “ch,” “sh,” j, “th” and “zh”?

Some of these sounds don’t develop until kids are into their preschool years. Can you imagine if children just left these sounds out of their speech until they were able to say them? We’d never know what kids were saying at all! Fronting:  Fronting happens when children produce sounds that should be made in the back of their mouth in the front of their mouth instead. Feel how the back of your tongue hits the back of roof of your mouth? Notice how now it’s the front of your tongue that hits the front of roof of your mouth? Stopping: Stopping occurs when children stop air from moving continuously out their mouths.