Speech training of children to school

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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-2322920641. Speech Therapy for Children: Our ability to speak is often taken for granted. However, for a young child with a speech disorder, that very process is difficult and frustrating. When children are unable to express their thoughts and feelings they will experience difficulty developing relationships with their peers and siblings. Even worse, you as their parent have difficulty understanding their needs and emotions. It’s extremely frustrating and upsetting to watch your child struggling with something that comes so naturally for many children. Especially when they are bright in so many areas.

That is why speech therapy for children is extremely important. Many young children become frustrated as they attempt to communicate with others and find that they are not understood. Teasing from peers will also affect your child’s willingness to speak in and out of the classroom. Oral Motor Exercises for Kids is the first therapeutic DVD created by speech-language pathologists that targets a key area in children’s speech therapy: Oral Motor Skills! This professional DVD is comprised of a variety of exercises specifically designed to improve tongue, lip, and oral facial muscle coordination. My child is creative, bright, and energetic, but has difficulty expressing themselves. Many children experiencing difficulties with their speech are described as inventive, intelligent, and sometimes, bored.

They have trouble with one area that causes extreme frustration – their ability to be understood. That is why speech therapy is so important to your child. Through speech therapy your child’s speech disorder can be treated and remediated with success. This type of therapy involves increasing a child’s awareness of their oral postures. Through a series of specific exercises children are able to develop better oral motor skills which enhance their speech production.

Order Sammy’s DVD to start improving your child’s speech today! Kelly Anne interact with your child as they explain and demonstrate 25 different oral exercises that they will easily follow along with. Each specialized exercise teaches your child clinical therapeutic methods to improve their oral motor coordination. You’ll be amazed at how closely your child follows the directions and practices every exercise. Don’t be surprised to catch your child practicing the exercises long after the DVD is over! Oral Motor Exercise Video isn’t just a program kids watch – it’s a follow-along and play-along experience!