Stages of baby development by months

Toddler and Baby Development Stages The Toddler and Baby Development Stages section gives information on the usual age developmental milestones stages of baby development by months reached in the first five years of life. A baby develops from a helpless being at birth and over the first five years he will gain independence in mobility, speech and language and he will develop his own personality. Although every child is different, there is a pattern of developmental progress that they all will follow within a fairly narrow time frame.

If you have a specific question on infant and toddler development, you can click on the link in the list below to go directly there, otherwise read on for an overview. What are the 4 stages of development? Do children all reach milestones at the same time? What does it mean if my child’s development is slow? How will I know if my child is developing normally? What can I do to help my child’s development?