Stepwise drawing of a dinosaur for kids

You need to login to do this. The persistent practice of using titles that look like someone mashed together random words lifted out of an English dictionary. At stepwise drawing of a dinosaur for kids, they will be as meaningless as “Super Punk Octo Pudding Gas Mark Seven”, and at best, they will just cryptically allude to the show’s premise or characters while trying to make a clever Western pop-culture reference.

Contrast with Exactly What It Says on the Tin, this trope’s direct opposite. The extreme version of this trope is the Word Puree Title, where the “word” part gets skipped entirely. See also Mad Lib Anime Title. See also Gory Deadly Overkill Title of Fatal Death, for when horror movies do this. Not to be confused with Colon Cancer or In Which a Trope Is Described. The confusingly-named Fruits Basket is named after a Japanese kids’ game also called “Fruits Basket”.

Makes logical, if not grammatical, sense. The meaning behind the title of Angel Beats! Before then, there’s only the weak explanation that one character is an angel and some other characters are musicians. Boogiepop Phantom got scrambled in localisation.

Samurai Champloo sounds like it but actually makes some sense. Devilman Lady was changed to The Devil Lady for the American release. Bleach had its name derived from Tite Kubo not wanting to name his manga Black after the color of the shingami uniforms and so named it Bleach as the inverse of black. Many of the chapter titles make very little sense without context. Four Arms to Killing You” and “Superchunky from Hell” for example.

In the Bleach character data books there are sections to translate the titles. My Goddess, was changed to Oh My Goddess! Bubblegum Crisis: As the creators explain, a bubblegum crisis is a bad situation that just keeps expanding until it pops and leaves a mess all over the place. Later anime arcs tack on “R”, “S”, “Super S”, and “Sailor Stars” to the series title. R is said to stand for Rebirth and Romance, S refers to Super, according to eyecatches, as in Super Sailor Moon. This trope also applies to too many attack names to count. There is nothing particularly illusionary about Shine Aqua Illusion, nor do Star Serious Laser and Star Gentle Uterus actually involve lasers and uteri.

A translation would basically go something like “Azuma’s great comic for Daioh Magazine. All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku. Lucky Star doesn’t seem to specifically refer to any star that is lucky, although there is quite a bit of symbolic use of a star within the series as a decorative motif, and there is an extended sequence where the characters discuss wishing upon a star. Possibly, it was referring to the Madonna song, which at least vaguely makes sense. Suta, which is not the proper way to spell Lucky or Star, which ought to be Rakkii and Sutaa respectively. It’s just another example of the Fun With The Foreign Languages game so popular in Japan.

There is a scene where one of the characters wishes on a shooting star, but it doesn’t appear until Volume 2 of the manga. The anime theme song also makes reference to meteorites. Xxx Holic sounds like someone hopelessly addicted to pornography, those x’ed jars of moonshine, or maybe Vin Diesel. HOLiC” is more like “fill-in-the-blank-holic”, or “ABC-holic”. Ironically, the main protagonists are listed as the weakest of their organization at first. Excel Saga is the saga of the title character whose name is Excel.