Sticky ninja academy 2 cool math 4 kids

Don’sticky ninja academy 2 cool math 4 kids let the world run out of power! Run to the outlet and plug yourself in before your batteries hit zero.

Fight off monsters, find treasure chests, buy potions, and unlock dungeon passages. Just another typical day for a knight. Zip through the air with your high-speed jetpack. Soar past danger and reach the goal. You’re shipwrecked on a deserted island! Craft tools to harvest stone and gold. Do you dare to challenge the monster that haunts the island?

Carefully pilot your spacecraft to reach the landing zone. Watch out because a single bump will make it crash and burn. Slither around and gobble up all of the apples without crashing into your own tail. Can you pull off the impossible? Zoom forward with your hydro-powered jetpack. Jump and jet through dangerous caves.

Can you outrun the master time and get the red gem? Gobble down the fruits to grow your body longer. Jump over the molten lava and get as big as you can! Fly through the space tunnel and steer clear of the incoming barriers. The game speeds up the futher you get.

Use electromagnetic powers to launch yourself up and over dangerous obstacles. Bounce the ball into the bricks and smash them to pieces! Rack up big combos using awesome power ups. You’ll need a sharp sense of direction to collect 100 and escape the forest! Blast off into the great unknown!

Pilot your space shuttle and hunt for fertile planets. Dodge asteroids and black holes to discover your new home. Leap over the hurdles and across the platforms to reach the finish line. It’s hard to be an Olympian. Can you beat the first level? Can you learn to move like a fly?

Buzz around a huge house and find special keys to unlock the doors. Watch out for lasers and spikes and make your escape! The caves are full of treasure, but your oxygen supply is low! Get as rich as you can before you run out of air.