Strength training routines for kids

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Who were your earliest influencers as you entered the Iron Game? Everyone who shares our love of “hoisting the steel” has a story. And every story has a beginning. My introduction took place during the 1976 Summer Olympics. I was twelve-years old, and was absolutely riveted to the Weightlifting competition. In addition to television,  there was no shortage of books, and magazines available at the local bookstores and magazine stands.

My desire to learn as much as possible, coupled with my love of reading, helped in developing a basic lifting routine that I followed religiously. While the local magazine stand did not carry Peary Reader’s “Ironman,” it did carry all of the other muscle, strength, and bodybuilding periodicals of the day. I bought as many as i could, and devoured them each month. I’ll never forget the first time I read Bob Hoffman’s “Muscular Development. It was the August 1980 issue, and it featured a fairly prominent bodybuilder on the cover.

In addition to the article about Bench Pressing, there were other items in the magazine that would leave an impression on me. The first one was about a contest that had been held in England the previous Winter. It was called the World Strongbow Contest. If you were to plan a workout, and decided to do these movements, you would have one helluva workout.

If you trained hard enough, your entire body woukd be sore for days. Every major muscle group would be called into play. You may not get a pump in your lats, or pecs,  but you would build incredible strength. The only possible variations that I can think of would be to substitute the Power Clean and Push Press for the Clean and Jerk. The reason for this is obvious. If you are not a trained Olympic Lifter,  it would be wiser to begin with a less technical movement.