Studio development in young children

GIVE YOUR CHILD THE GIFT OF DANCE! CATCH A BALLROOM DANCE FEVER with your CHILD! Enroll them into ballroom dance class and watch their lives and interests transform for studio development in young children to come! Starting at an early age is the best time to start learning how to dance.

Children learn movement patterns easily when they are young, similar to when they learn language. Your children will greatly benefit in life from learning to ballroom dance whether it is introduced as a hobby, for fun or to compete. Everyone knows that kids these days can use a little more exercise every chance that they can get! Dancing is a great aerobic activity that will get them moving and help develop their agility and coordination too.

The best part is, the whole thing is fun and the kids will not even realize that they are exercising. If your child struggles with team or individual sports, learning to dance is a no-pressure physical activity that will help him or her to really develop some self-confidence. Dancing is a social activity, and your child will learn the basics of social etiquette along with enjoying making new friends in a fun environment. Being comfortable in socializing is a big help in your kids future success.

Studio 100 is a Belgian corporation that produces popular children’s television series and owns 7 amusement parks and four musical ensembles. Studio 100 was founded in 1996 by Gert Verhulst, Danny Verbiest, and Hans Bourlon. Studio 100 started in 1996 with one programme, Samson en Gert. They immediately decided to create a new programme to be able to advertise themselves more.

It has been broadcast on VTM since 1997. In 1999, Studio 100 expanded significantly with four new projects, all launched in Flanders: a musical, a film, and two new television programmes. For both the musical and the film, VTM was asked to provide financial support. In 2000, Studio 100 took over the popular girl group K3 from Niels William.