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2017 WAS A VERY EXCITING YEAR FOR EFK! Learning for Kids Honored as a Top 10 Educational Website for 2017 by the Homeschool Studying websites for kids. 960 ONLINE digital lessons have been taken.

Have you ever visited a Llama farm? Meet Pablo and help him with addition and subtraction problems at the Llama farm. Amit works at his dad’s tea store. Help him add and subtract to keep the store running!

Visit Tania who lives in a mill in the Netherlands and help her count her flowers. Please forward this error screen to 64. Please forward this error screen to 97. Please forward this error screen to 67. Please forward this error screen to 67. Software, Programming, and Coding for KidsSTEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Studying the STEM subjects is an important part of learning because it helps prepare you to succeed in today’s world.

With these skills, you are able to gather information, understand and analyze it, and then solve difficult problems. Software engineering is a STEM career. Computers and other electronic equipment such as cell phones, navigation systems, and appliances all are built using machine language, which tells them how to work. Coding refers to the ability to read and write this machine language. When you understand code, you actually have the ability to write commands that make machines do what you want them to do. A computer software engineer develops programs designed to run in a computer or on a mobile device. This software might be designed to help us communicate, get where we need to go, or learn new things.

Software engineers also create video games. Software is also used to solve problems in the business world. For example, a manufacturing company might use software or a specialized robot that runs on code to make processes more efficient and save money. Learn about the Ancient Egyptians, explore and build pyramids, make a mummy, decipher hieroglyphics, and more with these lessons and videos, activities, and games. In the first part of this lesson, a K-2 class creates a pictorial alphabet of its own and then learns and uses the symbols of the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet. In the second part, students identify and represent in their own drawings figures from the Book of the Dead.

Egyptian Symbols: What Story Do They Tell? Students in grade 3 demonstrate their understanding of the symbols in Egyptian art by creating a stele using model magic that express personal values. Eight lesson plans and accompanying video clips showcase some of the most intriguing and historically significant people, places, and events from Egyptian history. The British Museum’s comprehensive and entertaining website.

Scroll to 8 timelines that include thematic essays and works of art from 8000 B. The companion website for the PBS program. The site is a source of information on the New Kingdom and has special features and suggests other print and online resources. The BBC’s website has a good section on the Rosetta stone and the deciphering of hieroglyphics by Thomas Young and Jean-François Champollion.