Suggestions for kids lunches

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It’s no secret that I love making lunches. I NEVER run out of ideas. Watch this quick video on how I pack our office lunches with the same ingredients I use for my kids’ lunches. It’s all about the continuity of ingredients! All of these photos came from my personal Instagram feed. You can also follow MOMables on Instagram. Loads of ideas, how-tos, and tips on there every day.

Check out the description under each collage for what’s in the packed lunches. If looking at these images is inspirational but a little overwhelming, click here to see how I can help you reuse leftovers, minimize food waste, and add variety to your meals. The service is less than half of what you’d spend in a single lunch. All the lunch containers shown can be found here. You’ll see a collage first and then a description of each picture below.

A happy lunchbox with a love note from my girl. I cut up an ice-pack sheet into mini ice-packs to fit inside my snack boxes. Bottom row: me, chowing down on hummus. Southwestern omelet, sprouted salad, and melon.

Cobb salad, hard boiled egg, nuts, dressing, and an apple. Fiesta salad, veggies and dressing, nuts. Honey orange chicken meatballs in lettuce cups, berries, and a Paleo cookie. Pita pocket stuffed with hummus, salad greens, Feta cheese, and kalamata olives, strawberries and pineapple.

Top row: veggie meatloaf, hummus, celery, strawberries and homemade nutella. Big one: Apple wrapped in prosciutto, almond butter ants on a log, and strawberries. Sabra hummus single, and cherry tomatoes. Third left: Strawberry-banana-spinach protein shake, watermelon, roasted corn and bacon hash. Bottom row: spring mix salad topped with grilled chicken, blueberries and veggies, apple pieces and pretzel thins. Prosciutto wrapped melon, Sabra hummus single, and toasted pita chips.

Avocado scramble, white peach, pretzel thins. Loaded baked potato, pineapple, homemade brownie bite. Top row: salami and avocado crostinis topped with hard boiled egg. My baby G having lunch with me.

Second row: Cobb Salad Pizza slice, hard boiled egg, and watermelon. Middle: grain free salmon and cream cheese rolls, berries, Greek yogurt, sliced apples. Grilled ham and cheese, carrots and natural puffs. Sabra hummus single, natural puffs, and blueberries. Turkey sandwich on gluten free bread, natural puffs, and strawberries. Third row: Asian chicken salad, cantaloupe, and blueberries.

Berries, almond butter and greek yogurt, popcorn. Chicken and apple sausage, goat cheese, raspberries, tomatoes, and black olives. Brie and avocado crostinis, blueberries, homemade ranch dip, and sugar snap peas. Top row: melon and pineapple, almond butter and yogurt topped with nutty clusters, and white peach slices.