Sunday school lesson kids

All of the Resources on this website are now free! Be sure you understand the Terms and Conditions before using the website. Looking for new ideas and exciting Bible lessons and crafts for Sunday School preschool classes? Pave the way for little ones to begin a relationship with their Heavenly Sunday school lesson kids with these printable Sunday school lessons, activities and Christian crafts for kids!

For Bible lessons in digital download format for ages 2-5, go to Bible Kids Fun Zone. With these lessons, there’s no more clicking web pages. Interactive, age-appropriate lessons will delight children as they learn about Jesus in new and exciting ways. Of course, being doctrinally sound and true to scripture is important to you. See beliefs and background info here.

Eye-catching visual aids: Sunday School Fun Zone offers printable, colorful illustrations that are used as the story pictures. To save money, print the black-and-white story pictures instead, and have some teens help you color them. You can also use the colorful kid-friendly visual aids as bulletin board decorations! Easy-to-prepare, fun bible crafts for kids: Children love to make their own “toy crafts”! We use pop-up pages, lift-the-flap pictures, restickable stickers, kid-size mini-booklets, 3-D bible crafts, etc. Lesson-based activities that encourage continued learning such as rhymes or songs with hand motions, pretend-play activities, group activities and games that emphasize key lesson concepts.

Free color-illustrated Mother’s Day story page – Little girl helping mom. For a new updated Bible lessons and crafts for preschoolers and kinders, go to Bible Kids Fun Zone. These lessons are in digital download format. Highlights of Sunday School Fun Zone’s printable Sunday school resources, designed especially for ages 2 and 3. Pave the way for the little ones to begin a relationship with their Heavenly Father! Our lessons focus on the heart of Jesus! Interactive: Learning is reinforced when children are encouraged to participate by sticking stickers on the story picture, looking under flaps or being surprised by pop-out pages.

Circle Talk Time is a special time for children to interact with each other. As they answer questions and relate stories, the children begin to relate the lesson concepts to everyday situations they are experiencing at home, which drives the lesson concepts home! It answers the question of “What does this Bible story mean for me? These Sunday school lessons closely follow the Biblical story, and help children take part in their learning with action rhymes, fun crafts and classroom activities that reinfoce the main concepts of the lesson. Colorful illustrations and kid-friendly story pictures capture children’s attention!

These bright, kid-friendly story pictures can be enlarged and be used as room decorations or bulletin board pictures! The black and white story pictures can be used as pictures for the children to color, paint or take home for a family activity as a midweek reminder of lesson concepts. Sticker pages can be printed on magnetic Inkjet sheets to make magnets, or on Inkjet sticker paper to make stickers. For digital download Bible lessons with illustrated story pictures, crafts and activities, go to the sister site: Bible Kids Fun Zone. Below are a few pictures that are typical of our lessons: Printable coloring pages, Bible story pages in color and craft pages for fun, easy crafts.

Most of the craft pages are in black and white. Some of the story pictures come in color. See each theme to view the available pictures to print. Sample of printable visual aids for preschool Sunday school classes. Coloring book page for Sunday school lesson about loving God – Love God with all your soul. Trust in him and believe his words. Craft sample – a Get Well card that children can make for someone who is sick for lesson: Love is Patient based on 1 Corinthians 13.