Tasks for kids 7 years old math

Please tasks for kids 7 years old math this error screen to 108. This post is dedicated to Mor over at A Teacher’s Treasure. I was so inspired I knew I couldn’t wait to “kick it up a notch” again in my math journals.

I couldn’t wait until September to start using the ideas in her fabulous resource, so we started using her strategies this week. On Monday we were learning about Order of Operations. I took them outside for a fun order of operations hopscotch, then we used the sidewalk chalk to fill the basketball court with problems and solutions. You can read my post about it here.

This is the left side of the journals. Then they write “What I Know”. After our test midweek, we started our next unit. This short unit encompasses angles, triangles, and polygons. I wanted to do a fun, interactive element to our journals, so we made angles using two coloured pieces of construction paper cut into arrows, and attached them to our pages with a brass fastener.