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What the law says about a stranger taking a photo of your child Imagine being in your backyard and a neighbour takes a photo of you and your children playing together. Central Queensland community teach abc’s powerless after mining road blast A community is left powerless after a routine Anglo American mining blast leaves a 90-metre-deep crack in the road, now deemed unfixable.

Full Metal Jacket actor R Lee Ermey dies The former marine made a career in Hollywood playing hard-nosed military men like Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. If this story doesn’t make you get a skin check, nothing will Emma Betts was just 22 when she discovered there was something much more sinister to an unusual mole on her back. It became stage 4 melanoma and was terminal. Ignorance not an excuse’: What drivers need to consider before packing the car Drivers are preparing to head home from adventures before school resumes and police worry many could be operating illegally.

How buskers are adapting to a cashless world Electronic micropayments and apps are reinventing the busking trade. Angus Campbell to be Australia’s next Chief of Defence The man who led the Abbott government’s efforts to stop asylum seeker boats reaching Australia will be the nation’s next Defence Chief. Man charged after police find cannabis crop ‘growing in bedroom’ Police seize about 17 cannabis plants after uncovering a hydroponic grow room in a suburban Darwin bedroom. Rare paintings returned to Namatjira family Three rare paintings by close relatives of Albert Namatjira are donated back to the family by an op shop in NSW. Military-grade drones set to be unleashed in Australian paddocks From the battlefield to the paddock, why has Meat and Livestock Australia bought an autonomous military ground drone? Are we killing ourselves to look beautiful? Analysis: If sports broadcasts lose so much, why does TV keep bidding up the rights?

Is ‘green living’ a luxury of the rich? What happened to the seedy slum house where one of Melbourne’s feared gangsters was killed? Australia’s China future If the US rejoins the TPP, it may just force Australia to make some hard decisions about our China relationship and adopt a coherent foreign policy, writes Ian Verrender. Devastating loss for Diamonds Australia’s netballers are left stunned by their Commonwealth Games gold medal loss to England but say it will not define them. Only time will tell, writes Richard Hinds.