Teach phonics to kids

The brand teach phonics to kids online platform offering free phonics resources, activities and games for parents, educators and children! Phonemic Awareness Phonics is a fundamental part of learning to read the English language.

FREE online reading program that teaches phonics for children in kindergarten and up. Each lesson focuses on a different group of consonant and vowel phonemes, with sound cards to show the relationship between letters and pictures. Free phonics resources Free worksheets and online activities help kids review their skills before moving on to the next lesson. These free resources are also perfect for teachers to use in the classroom or as part of their lesson plans.

Phonics Alphabet, covers the 42 phonemes that make up the English language. These are essential for reading fluency and are taught in the Common Core order. Coming Soon More resources will be added throughout the year. Register below to be one of the first to know! Question 1: I am homeschooling my child, who does well in every subject but reading. Do you have any suggestions for teaching phonics?

Question 2: Why can’t my child re-read a word in a sentence that she just sounded out? Question 3: I have a student who has trouble blending phonemes. Question 4: I am homeschooling my child. Should her language arts instruction be based on whole language, sight words, or phonics?

Question 5: What is the best order in which to introduce letters and their corresponding sounds? Question 6: What strategies and programs do you recommend for teaching phonics and early literacy skills to preschoolers? Question 7: What are some ways to help my daughter learn the names and sounds of letters? She is tired of simply using flashcards. Question 8: How can I help my son practice blending sounds as he reads? This next article from Reading Rockets describes the elements of effective reading instruction.