Teaching abcd to kids

403 ERROR The request could not be satisfied. This article is about Teaching abcd to kids Scott, the choreographer. Scott was born and raised in Compton, California. He is 6’4 and has never taken any dance classes or had any formal training.

He started dancing as a hobby when he was 15. As a teenager, he further developed his skills by forming his own b-boy crew and battling other crews in his neighborhood. From tours and music videos, he built relationships in the dance community and moved into teaching classes and doing choreography for film and television. He describes his choreography style as aggressive, melodic, and energetic.

In 2012, he co-choreographed the Ubisoft video game The Hip Hop Dance Experience with Laurieann Gibson and b-boy David “Kid David” Shreibman. B group B2K and served as their choreographer and stylist. With the group he went on to choreograph the movie You Got Served which featured all four singers in primary roles. Scott also choreographed the movies Fresh, Stomp the Yard, Dance Flick, House Party 4, and Coach Carter. In 2003, he was a guest choreographer on The Wade Robson Project. He was also a guest choreographer on Step It Up and Dance and on season seven of Dancing with the Stars.

In conjunction with Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Scott serves as the director of the Los Angeles Hip Hop Intensive. Dancing with a star: Dave Scott”. After 20 years in hip-hop, Dave Scott is everywhere you look”. I would like for them to feel everything, all the emotions, all of the characteristics, everything that I bring to the table on stage. I would like the audience to feel the aggression and the energy because my style is tangent. I want the crowd to walk away feeling that they want some more, but they got to prepare for it.