Teaching children physical exercise

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Use them for warm-up, cool-down, following directions, dancing, fitness, and games. Whipping up kindness in the lab. How can we use it to help our children? World Kindness Day is a celebration of what most people consider our species’ best set of qualities: compassion, consideration for others, respect and generosity. Kindness shouldn’t be limited to any particular gender, race, age group or even species. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Teaching children to be kind to animals and emphasising the importance of extending compassion and consideration to other living beings, is an important and valuable life lesson. The best way to show children that animals have their own unique place in the world is by observing them in their natural habitat. Teach your child the importance of respecting other animals from a distance and protecting their habitat by not littering. Read books about the natural behaviours of other animals. Most children have a natural fascination for animals and are eager to learn about them. Give them responsibility for caring for an animal. Teaching children the importance of responsible pet guardianship is a valuable way to nurture kindness and consideration for the needs of others.