Teaching english activities for children

Enter the terms you wish to search for. This section is teaching english activities for children to teachers of primary children up to 12 years old.

Find lesson plans, activities, stories and poems, articles and teaching tools to help you in your primary classroom. In this section you will find lesson plans, activities, stories, poems, songs and CLIL activities for teachers of young learners in the primary classroom. This lesson plan for primary learners is about teachers and is ideal for celebrating World Teachers’ Day on 5 October. This lesson plan for primary learners aged 8-10 helps develop confidence in speaking skills. Tools for teachers to use in the primary, young learner and kids classroom. Make your own flashcards with our flashcard maker, download our useful posters or print off star charts. We have a fantastic new range of motivating and colourful classroom rules posters for your primary classroom.

In this section you will find practical teaching articles for teachers working in the primary classroom. In this article, Wendy Arnold and Rosie Anderson explore ideas around developing writing skills with young learners. Join our email newsletter to receive free updates! The Punctuation Pack Help your children to improve their punctuation skills with this pack of resources! The Wonderful Words Pack Improve your children’s vocabulary with this handy pack of activity and display resources. Contre Temps A man and a girl meet in a mysterious submerged city. Use our teaching ideas to explore this animated film.

Lewis Banner A free display banner to add to the walls of your classroom when your children are enjoying books by C. Bird Feeder Guide Welcome birds into your outdoor areas by following these quick and easy steps to building your very own bird feeder. The Rasputin Dagger Teaching Notes Download these teaching notes for the book ‘The Rasputin Dagger’ by Theresa Breslin and use some of the suggested classroom activities. Chris Riddell Banner Use this banner as a display resource when your children are reading books by Chris Riddell! Dear Greenpeace Use this delightful book as the starting point for learning about a wide range of topics with our suggested teaching ideas and activities! Simon James Banner Explore the wonderful books of Simon James and make a classroom display board using our free printable banner! The Recount Writing Pack Are your children learning how to write recounts?

Use this handy pack of posters, activity cards and example texts! Peter Bunzl Banner If your children are reading books by Peter Bunzl, use our free banner to make a display board in your classroom! Michelle Robinson Banner If you’re reading Michelle Robinson’s wonderful stories with your class, make a classroom display board using our free printable banner! Sign up for free tips, information and activities for your child. Children can continue practising their English with these fun interactive activities. If you’re not sure what level your child is at, ask them to try an A1 level activity.

If it’s too easy they can try the A2 level activities, and if it’s too difficult they can try the pre-A1 level activities. These activities are designed to be used on a computer or a tablet. Watch the video, sing along and learn new words. Look at the picture to see which statements are correct.

The world we live in Look and find a picture to match the question. Read and learn some words about the weather. Eating and drinking Look and find different kinds of food and drink. In the library Read and find the things in the picture. Read and learn words about the body and face. In the home Listen and choose one picture that answers the questions about the home.

Listen and practise talking about days of the week. Listen and learn words about food and drink. Free time Learn and say words for places you go to or things you do in your free time. At the doctor’s Practise saying sentences in English about what is different in the pictures.

We also have two more levels to try. The levels start at pre-A1 and move up to A2. Enter the terms you wish to search for. IATEFL Online 2018 – recorded talksIATEFL Online 2018 has now ended but you can still watch talks you may have missed.