Teaching in preschool

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We have been providing our Preschool Curriculum to Parents and Preschool Providers for over 10 years. Our curriculums are perfect for parents who want to homeschool their children, Daycare Providers and even Preschools. We offer curriculums that are age specific. There are curriculums for 2 year olds, 3 year olds and even 4 through 6 year olds. The original ABC Home Preschool curriculum is the Wipe-off Preschool Curriculum Workbook.

This is a 9-month 5-subject workbook that is completely wipe-off. Our curriculums are available in not only the Wipe-off Preschool Curriculum Workbooks, but they are also offered in Download and CD versions. This way you can get the same materials as the Wipe-off Workbooks, but in a more affordable CD or Download Version. For a limited time only get the Age 2, Age 3 and Age 4 thru 6 Curriculums for one great low price. Check out all our sale items.

Subjects for all our curriculums Include Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science and Social Studies. Private Preschool Facility we have the Curriculum you are looking for. Preschool Farm Animals Theme Farming is important for our life. Farm animals produce many things for our life.

In preschool farm animals theme children will learn how farm animals helps us. Who and how to take care farm animals. In farm preschool theme, children may learn :Name of farm animals. What are the concepts for the children ?

Chicken, cows, pigs, turkeys, sheep, duck and horses are farm animals. We can recognize some farm animals by their sounds. Farm animal lives on the farm. They lives in the stable, barn and shed.

Some farm animal supply us food. Chicken gives us eggs and meat. Cow and goat give us milk and meat. Turkey and sheep gives us meat.

A person who own or manage a farm is farmer. Farm animal eat hay, corn, and oats. Horses are farm animal that can be used as transportation. Collect eggshells, wash it using soap and let it dry. Paint the eggshell with yellow and red acrylic paint. Ask children glue the eggshells on paper. Provide plastic farm animal and farm equipment toys to make a barnyard.

Put veterinarian prop box in dramatic area. Include item such as : stethoscope, thermometer, band aids and syringe, etc. Use stuffed animal as a patients. Include hats, overall, boots, scarves, gardening toys such as : rake, shovel, watering can, etc. Arrange three or four farm animal on the board.