Teaching kids letters

Continuing my mailbag week, another thing I get asked about sometimes teaching kids letters: Books. I didn’t want to say “Homeschooling Books” specifically, because even though WE use them for homeschooling, I think any or all of these books could be used by all types of families, either as primary or supplementary educational resources.

These are the books that, even if I wasn’t able to be their primary educator, I would want to share with my kids. Note: Book titles are links, mostly¬†Amazon Affiliate links. Clicking and shopping through the links will help support this blog. A good resource for used Catholic homeschoolish books is Cathswap, a Yahoo Group dedicated to pairing buyers with sellers and vice versa. When my oldest started showing an interest in learning to read as a preschooler, I tried just sounding things out with him in picture books we had around the house. But it was SO frustrating for both of us. Why did “g” sometimes say “guh” and sometimes say “juh”?

It’s because g says “juh” before e, i, or y. I have had success with all of my kids using this book. It not only tells you what to do, it tells you exactly what to say. If you can read, you can teach from this book. The lessons are short and gentle. I don’t usually use the writing component, which makes them even shorter. My kids like the stories and illustrations.