Teaching kids the basics of security

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of email concerning kids. More specifically, how to teach kids Karate. What teaching kids the basics of security is appropriate to start?

What techniques should I teach them? Needless to say, the topic on teaching Karate to kids is as broad as it is deep. And sometimes they punch you in the groin. But then you get a hug again.

So that’s what imma do right now. 7-9 Years Old:Physical: Kids of 7-9 years of age have a huge physical need for moving around. However, kids at this age still have a very minor amount of muscle growth, and their capability to tense their muscles is quite limited. In other words, they are pretty much egotistical and crave the feeling of personal security and trust. Advice: When you teach kids 7-9 years old, try to focus on play. 10-12 Years Old:Physical: Kids at the age of 10-12 have a greatly improved coordination. This means you can teach them harder cognitive tasks, along with more demanding physical movements as their respiratory function now develops to a greater extent.

At this age, differences in gender also start to show, although still not fully developed. Mental: At the age of 10-12, besides improved coordination, the ability to think abstractly as well as logically starts to develop greatly. This means you can place more demands on these abilities in exercises, in order to take advantage of their improvements in these areas. Plus, at this age, the will to cooperate increases along with a greater hunger for more training and competition.