Teaching kids to paraphrase from reference pictures

In other situations, the required topic is clearly indicated from the class, your own work, or your professional needs. Understand the difference between primary and secondary research. Primary research means doing original research, meaning that this knowledge doesn’t appear in any other paper. You might be reading teaching kids to paraphrase from reference pictures original treaties, newspaper articles, or authentic letters from authors or statesmen.

You might be conducting scientific, medical or engineering experiments. Determine your scope and time line. Determine in advance how much total time you have for this work, and make a rough work schedule. A work schedule must include the following major steps: 1. The research scope means knowing how much of your broad subject you will deal with.

This requires thinking about what specifically you want to cover. This is a question that will guide you in your reading. It will turn into a thesis statement later. This question reminds you of what you want to find and read, what you are considering. When did the French first arrive in Britain? Learn how to find useful sources.