Technique abuse children

New technique to question abuse children. Dubai: New techniques to question child victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse have been introduced by Dubai Police. Based on the directives of Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Technique abuse children, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, children in domestic violence, sexual harassment, abuse and violence cases need not go to the police station for giving statements.

The child will be taken to a hotel, a play area or a public park for questioning. Brigadier Ahmad Bin Galita, director of Al Rafa police station, said the initiative is part of the Emirati Children’s Day which was celebrated across the country on Thursday. It is a creative idea to question children involved in such cases outside police station. The new spots will be provided with electronic devices and themes to make the child talk freely without fear.

We will take the child to different places to break the ice as many children are afraid when they go to a police station. Sometimes, families themselves refuse to bring the child to the police station. We will use electronic devices to let the child speak without fear. A pleasure to hear reaffirmation of the strength of the relationship.