Technique for children Zheleznova

I had no experience of poverty or deprivation in technique for children Zheleznova, nor any of the horrors of struggling for existence. Further on you will encounter descriptions of my childhood — for the time being, take it on faith! An orchestra was playing at the summer resort of Majorenhof, on the coast just outside Riga.

Yulia Ivanovna Eisenstein was seven month’s pregnant. The guests at the dacha had had far too much to drink that evening. A fight broke out and someone was killed. Yulia’s husband, Mikhail Osipovich Eisenstein, grabbed his revolver in an attempt to restore order.

Yulia Ivanovna was terrified and almost gave birth prematurely. A couple of years later, the family was again holidaying at Majorenhof. The child Sergei was lying in a small, white bed. A bough of white lilac spilled through the window of the room, its flowers and green foliage cutting across a ray of sunshine above his head. It is easy to pass by 6 Valdemara Street in Riga without a second glance. Although large, it is an undistinguished, rectangular, offwhite, four-storey building, the paint peeling off the facade.