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Please forward this error screen to 212. From checking in with your mental health and silencing self criticism through to taking teen health uk break from your tech. It’s time to check in with yourself right now. Not every Chrome or Firefox extension you use has to be one-hundred-percent dedicated to productivity or utility.

Windows 10 can get messy quickly, so here are a few free apps you can use to add some much-needed organisation to your Windows world. When you’re planning an epic adventure, you want to be sure you’re headed somewhere incredible in more ways than one. Whether it’s a ratty old chair your spouse won’t give up or an overabundance of cookware in the kitchen, there are ways to compromise when it’s time for a thorough spring cleaning. Here’s what you need to know about the latest feature coming to Google Drive. Lotions, potions and medications expire, so get rid of those first. Facebook launched a tool that you can use to find out whether you or your friends shared information with Cambridge Analytica.

If you’re sick of finding oil slicks on dishes you could have sworn were clean, you owe it to yourself to fill a spray bottle with vinegar. Fans of history and children’s literature will be delighted to click through the pages of titles such as Aesop’s Fables, The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, and the Grimm’s Fairy Tales. If you stay on top of things and get to the food crud early, you probably wouldn’t have to soak anything, ever. The takeaway: Tiny portions of pasta can fit into an otherwise healthy diet, but that’s not news. You probably know that adding people to your inner circle takes time, but how much time it actually takes to go from strangers to buddies has been somewhat of a mystery—until now.