Teenage girl feeling depressed

Teenage, as all say, teenage girl feeling depressed the best phase in one’s life! It brings with it a lot of cheer, enthusiasm, fun and excitement.

Like every coin with two sides, this wonderful phase comes with a lot of challenges too. You might find your teenage girl facing plethora of problems. Teenage is a time that is filled with confusion and small matters seem really big. As a parent, you need to extend help to your girl in facing these teenage girl behavior problems. Below is the list of teenage girls issues, read on to know more. Most common problems of girls are appearance, education, dating, bullying, friendship, self-esteem, peer pressure, substance use, menstruation and depression.

Here we list these top 10 problems of a teenage girl in detail along with possible solution. This probably features as the number one problem on every teenage girl’s problem list. This is the time when her body is constantly changing and she has to cope with it. To top it, she keeps seeing and hearing about these figure-perfect bodies. Media and peer pressure also play havoc. See to it that your young girl doesn’t adapt unhealthy eating habits. Ensure the people she spends time with do not act in an adverse manner.