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After hitting your head during a game, you should:A. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor. Award-Winning Scripts for Kids to perform. Our Christmas Musicals and School Play Packages are Perfect for Teachers and Students. Teachers, this is what you are looking for!

The School Play Package gives you everything you need and makes it easy to create a memorable performance at your school. Master script to make as many copies you need for your cast. Teachers Guide with classroom activities and help for new directors. Choose from straight plays or musicals. Musicals come with backing tracks for kids to sing to. Teachers, these School Plays are written especially for elementary and primary school teachers to direct and large cast of students to perform.

Perform in your gym, cafeteria or any large room. The open staging makes it easy for all. Dialogue is simple, fresh and easy to memorize. School Play Packages are available for immediate download. Every child in your cast has a fun role to play with their own lines or their own special action. The School Play Package gives you the freedom and the rights to adapt the script to your school’s special needs.

Thanks for all the wonderful plays you do! Your scripts have been perfect for our students. Thank you for making affordable, engaging scripts that appeal to all students! We have done your school plays for the last 5 years. Musicals written especially for young performers. Perfect for a large cast of students and easy for teachers to direct.

New School Play for Large Cast! Adapted for Young Performers: Speeches are short, dialogue and vocabulary are appropriate for child performers ages 6-12 or older. Flexible Casts of around 25-35 Students: Doubling roles and adding extras possible for smaller or larger casts. Large parts are divided so that no one child becomes the “star” or has to memorize too many lines. Line counts and transitions are shown in the scripts. Easy costumes and scenery: We provide many suggestions on how to create or find what you need to make a great looking production without breaking your budget. Type your search terms above and press return to see the search results.

Teens represents newborns through teens for modeling and acting. Our models and actors can be seen in top fashion and retail campaigns, TV commercials, TV series, and motion pictures. We frequently post tips for aspiring models as well as what we’re looking for in talent on Instagram, so be sure to follow us for updates! Send 3-5 current snapshots of your child and include the following on the back of each photo: child’s name, date of birth, height, contact phone number and email address. Include their resume if they have one. Please do not send anything you want returned as declined submissions are shredded.