Thanks for raising a son

47 0 0 0 13 6. We look at the images together on the digital camera and try to refine them, try to improve them, take them in other directions. I liked the idea of turning creative control thanks for raising a son to a child, while I operate the camera.

Our kid is nothing like your kid. I don’t mean that in an every-child-is-unique-as-a-snowflake way. I mean that my wife, Alysia, and I are pretty sure that Finn hails from some distant, unknown planet. His favorite foods include dirt and discarded water balloons. He spends hours a day in a headstand.

He giggles maniacally at any expression of pain or distress. Recently I caught him shattering our water glasses on the patio. While I went for the broom, he dumped a quart of milk onto our kitchen floor. I tried to scold him, but he was already engrossed in one of his favorite hobbies: smelling his right foot. There are a lot of ways to answer that question.