The algorithm of drawing animals for kids

Now, Where Did All That Fat Go? He Was Shocked To Discover That The Debris On The Side Of The Road Was Alive! Most people believe a simple two weeks’ notice will suffice when they decide to leave a job, while others take the the algorithm of drawing animals for kids letter writing process very seriously with all its traditional formalities.

Other employees, on the other hand, love to make a grand exit in the most hilarious and creative of ways before clocking out for the last time. In fact, most of these workers didn’t actually clock out and opted for rather surprising and daring goodbyes. Leaving Your Mark This Brooks individual decided that a plain old resignation letter wouldn’t quite get the message across to management. We wonder if this person hid some kind of camera somewhere on the desk in order to get a kick out of the boss’s reaction. You have to admit that grand exits are just as fun and important as grand entrances, right? But it takes some guts, so kudos to Brooks for the brilliant idea and for leaving the desk in pristine condition.

The Programmer’s Way This computer programmer certainly had the right idea on how to quit a job with style and skill. If you’re going to drop the bomb on your boss, why not make it interesting and fun with a Super Mario video game? A Topsy-Turvy Exit The cereal aisle never looked so good! It’s about time someone presented the world to us upside down for that fresh perspective on things. On a serious note, though — we hope the other employees didn’t have to bear the brunt of their fellow worker’s malicious prank. Unless the shift manager was two steps ahead and fired the person only after telling him to reorganize the display.

A Tasty Goodbye We wouldn’t recommend for anyone to just up and quit without at least a two weeks’ notice, but if you are planning on doing that, then at least leave a delicious cake for all the sad colleagues you leave behind like this employee did. Endings are always bittersweet, and judging by the apple, this teacher wanted to leave a sweet taste in peoples’ mouths upon his or her departure. We bet the kids were happy — cake definitely trumps a boring math class. A Prehistoric Farewell Sometimes the best way to quit a job is to draw a skillful picture of a friendly-looking Tyrannosaurus Rex. We hope all this effort meant that this employee was quitting her job to pursue her more creative side or to become a graphic designer. We know, it’s never easy writing up a resignation letter given all the formalities, so who said drawing one up isn’t acceptable?

After all, it’s better to cut to the chase when quitting a job, and a sweet drawing of dinosaur is the finest way to do so. I’d Like A Frosty and Fries With That When the boss asks you to take out a ladder and change the sign, but you really really don’t want to because you’re fed up with your job, why not take action and do what this audacious Wendy’s employee did? No amount of free tasty hamburgers and Frosties were about keep this guy working at the fast food chain, and the only way to express that was in big block letters. We wouldn’t be surprised if this Greg guy banned the former employee for life. Now That’s What You Call Team Spirit Either one of these employees can’t bear the thought of his coworker leaving the company so they quit together, or the place of employment was just so plain horrible that two peeved workers decided to drop a sweet-tasting bomb on the company at once.