The algorithm sculpture for children

Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. The Astrophysics of the Non-Exploding The algorithm sculpture for children, including attempts to explain the heating of the solar corona.

I think should be adopted in place of Restless Legs Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movement Syndrome. This includes my observations, etiological theories and non-drug methods of avoiding or reducing these problems. Also, links to research which show that coffee – decaf and non-decaf, instant, filter and espresso – contains significant quantities of opioid receptor antagonists. If so, it would not be surprising if drinking coffee makes people miserable, even more than due to the caffeine it contains.

Nor would it be surprising if coffee of any kind worsened pain-perception disorders such as fibromyalgia. We found that even 3 decaf coffees a week caused bad RLSD symptoms. Ivip – Internet Vastly Improved Plumbing. A proposal for scalable routing and mobility of IP addresses within the IPv4 and IPv6 Internets. Researching the history of the measurement of low-level audio noise in a manner which reflects human perception. This is particularly important for microphone self-noise. Most microphones today have their self-noise specified in dBA, which does not accurately reflect human perception.

This page concerns CCIR 468 and related Quasi-Peak standards which do a much better job. Sandra took most of the photos but I contributed one of a Praying Mantis. Pictures taken in and around Daylesford. Tina and I moved to Daylesford in 2014 and we really like living here. Here is a separate site igking. Clicking on these images will take your browser to the separate site igking. Hubble Deep Field images of a section of the Universe, in the northern skies, where it is possible to see a long way without many stars from our galaxy obscuring the view.

Binaural Recording Photos, explanation and sound samples of dummy head sound recording, which sounds great on speakers and reproduces spatial information really well via headphones. Yum-Yum Gourmet Breakfast Toast recipe and Nature-2. God and Mother Nature discussing the bugs in Nature 1. 0 and giving a glimpse of features in the new version 2. I was honoured to receive a visit from that most dignified of insects, a striding, clambering stick-insect.