The art class for children in Minsk

Minnie the Minx, whose real name is Hermione Makepeace, is a British the art class for children in Minsk strip and comic strip character published in the comic magazine The Beano. Like Desperate Dan from The Dandy, she has a statue in Dundee. Minne the Minx, created and drawn by Leo Baxendale, first appeared in The Beano in December 1953.

Her first strip introduced her as ‘wild as wild can be’ and showed her exasperated mother attempting to get her to be more creative rather than fight. Taking the book, Minnie then proceeds to beat her classmates during a revenge scheme using the scrapbook as a weapon. The closing panel shows her thanking her mother for the scrapbook stating she has ‘won nine scraps with it. In 1962, when Baxendale left D. Thomson, a new artist was taken on to continue Minnie’s adventures.