The basis of speech development of children of preschool age

Everything you wanted to know about your child’s speech and languagefrom the perspective of a pediatric speech-language therapist. How Many Words Should My Child The basis of speech development of children of preschool age Saying? Parents often wonder how many words their children should have at different ages.

This seems like a simple question, but there’s not always a simple answer. Vocabulary development can be relatively variable among children of the same ages. Children typically speak their first word somewhere around 12 months. Some children, however, take up to 16 months to utter that long-awaited first word and this is still considered to be within the range of typical. At 3 years, children can have anywhere from 500-1,100 words in their vocabulary. By 5-7 years, children have an expressive vocabulary of 3000-5000 words.

Looking for ways to keep your child’s vocabulary growing? At the toddler age, use simple language to talk about what you and your child are seeing and doing. Narrate your day and engage your child in simple back and forth conversations about what is happening. Think about taking pictures and using them to extend and repeat the conversation about events that have happened, even with children as young as 24 months. As your child develops language in the preschool and elementary years, continue to engage him in conversations about things that have happened in your lives. Create pockets of time in which you really talk with your child. Restate what your child says, using slightly more advanced, new vocabulary.

For example, if he says, “Did you see that house by the water? I did- the cabin next to the creek was gigantic! As your child talks, ask “how” and “why” questions to help him extend and analyze his thoughts. Wonder out loud, for example, how the cabin was build or why the family chose to build it on the creek. Language Disorders from Infancy Through Adolescence.

Effects of a Conversation Intervention on the Expressive Vocabulary Development of Prekindergarten Children. I have never heard the research about how often parents talk to kids affecting not only vocabulary but IQ. Thank you for all the great info tips and ideas! What about children growing up with two or three languages? 18 months of a bilingual child in terms of receptive language?