The center of Patriotic education of children and youth

For other places with the same name, including in Ivanovo Oblast, see Ivanovo, Russia. The Uvod River, a tributary of the Klyazma, flows from north to south, dividing the city the center of Patriotic education of children and youth two halves.

The city is first mentioned in 1561, when it was given to the Cherkassky princely family by Ivan IV, after the latter’s marriage to Maria Cherkasskaya. However, the relevant document has since been lost. The modern city was created by merging the old flax-processing village Ivanovo with the industrial Voznesensky Posad in 1871. Until 1932, the official name of the city was Ivanovo-Voznesensk.

Because of its textile manufacturing industry, Ivanovo earned the sobriquet of the “Russian Manchester” during the 19th century. As the workers’ living conditions were appalling, the strikes were frequent. In 1937, the city opened the Interdom – a school for children of foreign Communists, including high learning. By agreement between the Soviet government and the “Free French” government-in-exile in late 1942, a group of French pilots was sent to the Soviet Union.

Construction of a new airport began on the northern outskirts of the city. After the war, along with the continued textile industry in Ivanovo engineering and other industries developed. In the 1960s, the city became the center of the Upper-Economic Council. The 1980s saw the accelerated pace of housing construction. Since the beginning of the 21st century there has been declining production in Ivanovo. In the first decade of the century, a large number of enterprises were closed.

The weaving factories BIM, BAT melange Plant and other smaller companies in the textile industry ceased to exist. Ivanovo has traditionally been called the textile capital of Russia. Since most textile workers are women, it has also been known as the “city of brides”. Probably the most famous of the city’s female natives was the postmodern French writer Nathalie Sarraute. Public transport is represented by trolleybuses, buses and taxis. The trolleybus system was opened on November 5, 1962. The tram was operated from November 6, 1934 until June 1, 2008.

The system of urban bus services in Ivanovo-Voznesensk began on November 8, 1926. The bus park was originally located on the street Paris Commune. In the early 1960s, a new bus depot was built on Prospekt Tekstilchshiki. Ivanovo MTE-1 closed in December 2007. It is home to Ivanovo Severny, which is one of the largest military airlift bases in Russia.