The child development profession

Please forward the child development profession error screen to 10. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-2322923796. What To Expect Child speech development: Between the age’s of 4-11 years your child’s speech sound development will be blossoming. You will want to keep an eye on their speech sounds.

Every sound develops at different ages. With as much as your child is learning it is important that you set a good example of speech skills. Remember that even though they are soaking up information like sponges, they still don’t know how to “use it all” the right way. Keep in mind that during this time, they are developing the speech skills that they will use throughout their lives. This is the age when most speech sounds are solidified.

There should only be a few sounds that still give your child trouble. Children are considered to have all their speech sounds by age 8. If your child still has trouble with some sounds, it is very important to consult a speech-language pathologist about therapy. Speech problems in later life can negatively affect social interactions, school performance, and even career success. After this point, however, professional therapy is needed for any persistent error sounds so don’t be alarmed if all of the sudden your child is identified for speech therapy.